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ribbon_small.gif (2174 bytes) Have you forgotten what you felt on the 11th?  We haven't - and we never will. 

We will remember those human beings of all nations who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in all the chaos that surrounded 9/11 and its aftermath. . .


Record Software Piracy Settlement Exceeds 

$3,467,000 !!!

The Business Software Alliance has brought to closure a new record in software license non compliance -- also dubbed software piracy -- settlements.  An un-named "international media company" was confronted via a forced audit -- the dreaded "raid -- and, unfortunately, all was NOT well on the software asset management home front.

Read the full PDF article HERE!

You know what? If those people up there ^^^ had read this book and had acted on even a third of the advice, they wouldn't have lost an estimated $10 - $15 million in hidden software piracy audit costs. Sorry, folks. We can warn you about the predatory software piracy audit sharks. We can point to the enormous amount of non compliance blood in the ocean of ineffective software asset management... 

But if we can't convince you to get out of the water,

we can't save you--or your bottom line!


Pirates Cover April.jpg (45051 bytes)Have you read the Number One

Business Resource for 

Software Piracy Avoidance and Copyright Compliance Assurance?

If you are searching for real world knowledge relating to proactive software compliance & copyright compliance, this book is your first step. 

If you want details regarding the multi-million dollar copyright enforcement industries, this book is where you'll find them.

The problems we all encounter with software are the symptoms of an over-all problem with our entire IT asset management infrastructure.  Correcting the software issues can place you significantly ahead of the competition and well on your way to operational efficiencies you never imagined.

Read the Table of Contents & Sample Chapter

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The First Program of Its Kind

Conducting the Defensive Software Piracy Audit


Professional Development Opportunity

Attend this Online Blended Learning Program. 

It's your first step in gaining your full certification as a 

Software and Copyright Compliance Assurance Professional!

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Content Directly Linked to Resource Book: Modern Pirates

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With this knowledge you can easily cut the costs and/or risksHit Counter associated with a software piracy enforcement audit by as much as 90%.

Time To Radically Expand Our Services!

Software Asset Management is changing its name to:

The Business Technology Consumer Network

Our focus has shifted from consulting to delivering knowledge to software and technology asset managers around the world. We are helping you build a communication network of asset managers to share knowledge and enhance this profession. Come join us--at no cost. Become part of the solution:




Client Briefings

The Briefings below are just a sample of materials which the SAM Services team have developed in service to our clients.  Have a question?  A concern?  Check with us: we quite probably have already addressed the issue with one of our clients and can come back to you with an answer right away.


Knowledge Briefings for Technology Asset Managers

Technology Acquisition Criteria

Systems Discovery Tool

As a software asset manager or technology asset manager, you must know what products you possess. The automated systems configuration discovery tool is the most valuable tool you can implement. If you are going to acquire and use technology, you absolutely must monitor the products. This level of technology asset management process is where you set the foundations for losing or saving the most significant technology dollars.

Sign on to the site and discover the myriad ways you can become more secure in your profession and your life. It isnít rocket science but the ideas we present have been proven to deliver significant benefits to technology asset managers in companies of all sizes. Iím Alan Plastow and Iím here to help you in any way that I can.

Read the Knowledge Briefing                                                            Posted 18 August, 2007


"Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement"

When it comes to negotiating contracts and other agreements for your company, you really need a solid understanding of BATNA. This Knowledge Briefing, Created by Alan Plastow of The Business Technology Consumer Network, delivers the skills you need to succeed. These five simple letters represent one of the most critical mistakes businesses of any size can make in preparing for, and conducting, a negotiation. The BATNAóBest Alternative To a Negotiated Agreementóis your fall-back position in any negotiation. Without it, you will not get the best deal.

If you are a technology asset manager, a software asset manager, project manager or a member of any related profession, this information can help you improve your ability to produce resultsóresults that translate into a more secure future. Youíll have to sign in to access this Knowledge Briefing but itís free and the pay-off can be enormous.

Read the Knowledge Briefing                                                            Posted 18 August, 2007

ďHow do we develop effective policies?"

There are two serious problems with corporate policies/procedures: Personnel donít know why these guidelines are necessary and the documents are too complicated to follow. Want to strengthen policies and procedures? Hereís how.

Policies should inform employees what and why while procedures guide us in how a given task is performed along with why a specific process is used. In our societies, itís critical that policies clarify the reasons for their existenceóotherwise, and letís be realistic: Folks probably wonít bother. Individualsóreal peopleóneed to understand the honest reasons why a given guideline was created, the need to fully comply with it, and the consequences of not complying with it. When this is accomplished, your chances of employee buy-in for policies will improve dramatically.

Iím Alan Plastow and we at The Business Technology Consumer Network have created this Internet presence and association for you. Do you want to become more capableómore diverseóin your professional abilities? Would you find value in enhancing your business skills? Is it worth your time to expand the quality of service you provide your company? Is soóitís time to sign in to this site and pick up the knowledge edge you really need to succeed! Even better: Itís free.

Whatís to stop you?

Read the Knowledge Briefing                                                            Posted 18 August, 2007

Software Piracy Actions

Client Briefings created by The Network and The Institute - Formerly: Software Asset Management Services, Inc.

Help Others Avoid The Piracy Trap:  Has your company been involved in a software licensing "confrontation"?  Want to help other companies avoid what you went through?  Interestingly enough, very few "veterans" of these issues are willing (permitted?!) to discuss their experiences with others.  You could help clarify the "piracy" issues and prevent others from inadvertently violating their agreements - merely by providing your advice and support.  Contact The Network and we'll help you help others by providing web space for commentary and shared support.  Contact us.

Important note:  The compliance agencies and software publishers mentioned in these pages are acting well within their rights in enforcing license compliance.  While we agree with their right to enforce Federal Copyright Law, we also feel that the software consumer needs an advocate - someone to help them with licensing questions and issues - without fear of potential reprisals.  Please take a look at the Business Technology Consumer Network web site (http://biztechnet.org).  Consider joining and becoming a part of their efforts to change the face of software and hardware IT asset management.

Piracy Report: July 31 - 2002 - Two Baltimore companies settled non compliance claims with BSA for over $180,000.  Product license violations included Adobe, Autodesk, Microsoft, & Symantec.

Piracy Report:  July 31 - 2002 - Two San Diego companies settled non compliance issues with the BSA for $75,000 relating to possession of more copies of Adobe, Microsoft, and Semantic than they had licenses to support.

June 2002 - BSA collects $3.1 million in a single week from 44 companies across the US.

June 24 - 2002 - Novell settles a $3 million suit in Georgia against three individuals illegally acquiring and reselling its products.

Piracy Report:  January, 2002 -  Tempe, AZ manufacturing firm settled with the BSA for $110,000 relating to claims that it utilized more software titles than it had licenses to support.

Piracy Report:  January, 2000 - 2 California firms agree to pay the Business Software Alliance in excess of $469,000 in settlement of software copyright violations relating to possession of Corel and Microsoft titles.

Piracy Report:  May, 2001 - BSA conducted a "Sweeps Week" in which 36  corporations in 17 states were fined in excess of $2,500,000.

Here...have a look: http://www.bsa.org/sweeps/usa/

Piracy Report:  November, 1999 - Columbus, Ohio mortgage firm agrees to settle software copyright issue with BSA for more than $139,000 relating to copyright violations for possession of Corel, Microsoft, Novell, and Semantic titles.

Piracy Report:  September, 1999 - Chicago firm settles software copyright issue with BSA for more than $350,000 relating to non-compliant software titles found on computer systems the firm acquired in a recent merge with another company.

Chilling fact:  What is the ACTUAL COST of a non compliance event?

In speaking with the victims, SAMs has found that the real world costs of non compliance events such as those listed above are known to range from 3 to 6 times the value of the settlement amount.

That Chicago firm?  Do the math:  $350,000 X 3 = $1,050,000.00


Business Software Alliance

Excerpt: The Business Software Alliance issued a press release indicating that two Ohio corporations had agreed to settle claims relating to the possession of non-compliant software applications. The companies, one in Twinsburg and the other in Cincinnati, were noted to have paid a total of $152,500 in BSA fines.

These Ohio companies performed voluntary audits in cooperation with BSA and discovered license violations relating to products from Microsoft, Semantic, Corel, Autodesk, and Novell. Both companies were brought to the attention of BSA via calls to its toll free hot line.

One of our primary goals at The Network is to see to it that Ohio loses its "dubious" status as one of the top five piracy target states.  Then we'll focus more on the other forty-nine!

SAMs Senior Partner

Client Server Licensing Becoming High Risk: UCITA

Thanks to efforts to pass UCITA (Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act), corporations utilizing client server are going to be introduced to the frustrations and high costs of mainframe licensing practices.  Mainframe based businesses have long complained about the lack of negotiable (and lack of favorable) terms and conditions forced on them by their segment of the software industry.

In an incredibly short sighted move, UCITA is now moving desktop and client server licensing into this nightmarish arena.  If UCITA passes, even the smallest organization will have to very carefully negotiate and track every single software license.   Make the wrong move and a software publisher can actually turn your application off!  Welcome to legalization of the software bomb.

(This article available in full format.)



Excerpt: Fair warning: The "Software Police" are using your own employees to get inside your company and report incorrectly licensed software. Companies across the United States are feeling the sting of hefty fines as employees with an ax to grind take advantage of toll-free hot lines as well as the lure of up to $250,000 rewards to initiate software audits. How can you possibly protect yourself from the "spies within"? We can provide you with simple ideas to protect yourself.

Don't allow your company to get caught without proper documentation. Contact us to see how we can help you become - and remain - compliant.


Excerpt: On October 22nd, 1999 Microsoft filed suit in Ohio federal courts against five companies suspected of distributing counterfeit copies of Microsoft software and/or hard disk loading. Investigations of the companies, scattered between Cleveland and Columbus, were thought to have been initiated via toll free calls to Microsoft's hot lines. Microsoft and the Business Software Alliance have recently been advertising their Software Piracy hot lines in Ohio radio and print media.

One of the victims of Microsoft piracy contacted SAMs for assistance.   Unfortunately, the SAMs Certified Software Management Team confirmed that this client had a substantial amount of counterfeit MS Office packages.  Fortunately, we were able to bring the client back into compliance without penalty.  Granted, they had to purchase new software BUT they purchased at a standard negotiated discount instead of being required to pay penalties plus inflated licensing fees.


Excerpt: They're the phantoms of the net, but yes, unfortunately for some, the Software Police do exist. And they're coming to a city near you! Are you in doubt? Ask one of the over 250 companies across the United States which received a visit from BSA or the US Marshal Service last year alone.


Excerpt: There are multiple details which must be presented in a specific manner when either the SPA or the BSA audits your business. Knowing what you need to know can be critical to avoiding your potential for paying a fine or merely helping prove compliance. Read this article to find out how to protect your business.


Excerpt: Still tracking your software assets with a combination of spreadsheet, database, and "The personal notes of somebody down in purchasing"? You could be in trouble. Read on for details that could save you extensive dollars should you be audited.


(And how can they put me in jail?)

Excerpt: To quote a phrase: 'There's a new law in town and we'd better start to listen up.'  Who are the Software Information Industry Association, the Software Publisher's Association and the Business Software Alliance and why should I be worried about them?  Hint: Because they are capable of acting on violations of  Federal Copyright Law - That's the one that applies to software licensing.


Excerpt: Think Y2K was an issue? It was nothing compared to the upcoming legal battles over software license ownership. The Independent Software Vendors have been gearing up; carefully pushing legislation that puts them in the driver's seat of your corporate software license ownership vehicle. Think you have rights relating to the software that you invested in and rely on?  Think again.  Check out the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA).   Among other chilling actions, believe it or not, those tiny little scrolling license boxes called "click wrap agreements" are soon going to be legally binding.


Excerpt: If you had to sit down, right now, and detail all the accumulated knowledge your company retains on current and historical contracts, what would you be able to produce? Would you have all the terms and conditions straight? How about the specifics as to people, products, and services for which you are investing a great deal? Are you being inadvertently cheated? Would you know? How about exact locations of all your software configurations? This brief will help you unravel the confusion of contractual threads which could lead you to significant savings.

Project Management Briefings


Excerpt: Virtually everyone is at some point. After all, we're still in a realistic age where a significant percentage of projects fails. But, WHY does the average project fail? You might be surprised. All that expensive project management software just might have been a poor investment. Maybe your problems actually stem from inappropriate project infrastructure. This brief can help put you on track to success.


Excerpt: Time and again projects go down as a result of cost over-runs or incomplete milestone deadlines. Sometimes there are realistic explanations. Other times the blame can be placed squarely on the choice of project manager. Hint: Many companies assume that an individual with a Computer Science degree and a developer's background can manage a project. Many companies are wrong in an expensive and very big way. Read on for details.


Excerpt: Virtually every corporation we've consulted with has had a problem tapping into its existing knowledge. In the majority of the cases, although the talent to solve the problem was in-house, the company culture necessitated hiring outside assistance at additional cost. How much could you save by mining your existing resources instead of opening a new, untested, mine?

(More Briefings are available.)

Opinions expressed on this site are precisely that: opinions. We make no accusations or legal interpretations.  Read and consider this material as food for thought:  Then, actually invest some time thinking about it.  95% of these items are common sense and merely require intellectual distancing for better understanding.


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